Meet Cristina Pecherle...

An interview with the illustrator of Rosie and Wizzy

Who or what inspired you to be an illustrator?

Actually I haven't really planned to be an illustrator. It was more of a natural process that needed to happen as I knew I liked drawing and creating all sorts of things, ever since I was a kid. So this was not an option, it was more.. the only gift I had (hehe). And yeah, my mom "forced" me into it and later on, in the local artsy high school.



What was your first commission as a professional illustrator?

My first commission?  Hmm..I think it was for a publishing company in Bucharest. They needed some illustrations for a book about a dog that grew huuge and in the end he couldn't even fit his home!



How did this partnership with Annie Forrest, the author of “Rosie and Wizzy” begin?

Most of the work I do, as a job, is for children's books, so it wasn't very hard to meet Annie in this world. She already had written the text for her lovely book and asked whether I would be interested in collaborating with her on this project.



How long did it take you to illustrate “Rosie and Wizzy”?

Illustrating  “Rosie and Wizzy” was a long but fruitful trip. It went longer than expected, mostly because I tend to work for a lot of projects at a time, and yup.. it's time consuming. If I should put it together I think it took more than two months, but it was nice to see the cuteness come alive !



Did you encounter any challenges?

Every time I start something new I see it as a challenge and to be honest sometimes that is enough to say yes. The more challenging it is, the better so yup, this was more than that.



Do you and Annie sit down and talk about how she imagines the illustrations will look or does she just leave it to you?

We chatted, just brainstorming ideas almost every day and that was part of the fun. Also I appreciated that she didn't impose her vision too much, so we both enjoyed creating the characters and finally the mood of the story :)



Which is your favourite illustration of  “Rosie and Wizzy”?

There are parts of specific scenes that I like. Usually I'm more focused on the expressions, the gestures and the eyes. I think I like the scene where they hug and a tear rolls down Rosie's face.  Oh.. and I smile every time I see the one with the parents riding the cloud. They seem so happy.



When you’re not drawing, how do you like to relax?

When I'm not drawing...I think about what to draw next.. haha.  



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