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A review by The Watford Observer - (25 July 2014)

Meet Wizzy, the loveable, cuddly, fluffy creature from a land beyond the clouds. Join him on his adventure as he accidentally arrives in the garden of Rosie Jones, who is nervous about starting school.


The two form a never-to-be-forgotten friendship full of laughs, cuddles, tea parties and candy floss.


First-time author Annie Forrest, who lives in Northwood and is originally from Mauritius, created the character of Wizzy while playing with her daughter Reese. At the heart of the story are the underlying themes of friendship and new beginnings. This charming e-book is perfect for children who may be nervous about starting primary school. There is also interactive fun for the little ones, which makes it a real page-turner ( 


Special thanks to the Watford Observer - (25 July 2014), Rosie Moorhead


Thanks to Mumsnet-Ealing: Speaks:  By Local Parents, For Local Parents -  (2 August 2014)

A review by Mumsnet-Ealing Speaks:  By Local Parents, For Local Parents - (2 August, 2014) 




A review by the Mauritian Press - L' - (16 December 2014)


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