Annie Lizika Forrest was born in June 1978 in Mauritius. She went to a prestigious Catholic girls school which helped shaped her formative years. Annie is bilingual in English and French.


She holds fond memories of her childhood and family life.  Growing up on a paradise island, she lived by the seaside and had a menagerie of animals. She was an avid reader with a vivid imagination from a young age. She likes to create things out of nothing. One of her loves is painting.


She moved to London with her husband, Richard, where she later read Law at the University of Westminster. Her daughter Reese was born in December 2005. It wasn’t until October 2010 that she made up this imaginary character Wizzy to help her daughter become inquisitive about her world and encourage her to ask questions and develop a creative imagination.


Rosie and Wizzy took shape when she was travelling to work in early 2011. Annie had written and outlined the story on her BlackBerry and saved it.  In the same year, she had a rewarding time volunteering for an educational charity, Guy Fox, with a mission to create innovative activities and publications that encourage children to explore the world around them.


With her creative side sparked again, in 2012, she toyed with the idea of publishing her story. It took her another year before she eventually completed Rosie and Wizzy in the summer, 2013.


The e-book was first published by Ebookpartnership in April 2014.


 Look out for a second title in the Wizzy’s Adventures series...